Mahadevan Srinivasan (Chino)

During the last meeting lenr&earth ANV4 in Assisi, Bill Collis gave us a bad notice:

The demise of Dr. Mahadevan Srinivasan on August 31 2020.

He passed away at this home in Chennai (India) early in the morning,

after a few weeks of declining health, surrounded by his children and grandchildren.

He was 83.

Mahadevan Srinivasan Steel researcher

I had the honour to have a correspondence with him about some ideas to start a research in a ‘Steel’ environment a new frontier of lenr studies.

Here is an example (from an abstract of his speaking of 2017) of his kind of studies:

In the period 1978–2002, The Silcal Metallurgic Ltd., a Coimbatore (India) based company, was engaged in the production of ferro silicon alloy deploying a 12 MVA “Submerged Carbon Arc” powered smelter.

During a 11-week long non-stop round the clock operation of the plant in 1995, daily feed of raw materials was: Quartz (33.4 ton), charcoal (with fixed carbon content of 13.2 ton) and scrap steel (5.1 ton) while the daily output production of Fe–Si alloy (73.5% Si) was 24.75 ton.

From the total weights of Si and Fe in the input feed and assuming 100% recovery of the metals, the daily output alloy production could at best have been only 20.5 ton.

However to our surprise throughout the 11-week period the total daily Fe–Si alloy (with 73.5% Si) output was consistently 24.75 ton, corresponding to a daily “anomalous” excess metal production of 4.25 ton of Fe–Si alloy. see more… Observation of Anomalous Production of Si and Fe in an Arc Furnace Driven Ferro Silicon Smelting Plant at levels of Tons per day

Mahadevan Srinivasan Steel researcher

And then I knew him at hotel Domus Pacis in Santa Maria degli Angeli in Assisi during the iccf22 on September 2019, I’m proud of this.

Thanks for All Chino!

Grazie mille, Chino Rip

Claudio Pace


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